By Daniel Cambridge

Monday 17th June 2019

Mapale Lingerie Volume 2 2019 - First Look

Mapale Lingerie Vol 2 2019

Mapale have certainly impressed with this years Volume 2 collection, sporting gorgeous floral embroidered teddies, 2000's nostalgia, sensual stripes and a luscious bridal selection, this collection is certainly packed with many of your favourites.

The art of seduction and the pursuit of your soulmate gets wrapped in a delicate aura of sheer lace, embroidered appliques and watercolour florals showered by warm and soft sunlight. This line is perfect for a dreamy wedding night or any romantic evening.

Mapale Lingerie Vol 2 2019

"Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new, with a little dash of Mapalé in there too."

"The Boho aesthetic that sets the trends for the most important musical festivals in the world moves into lingerie, giving it a relaxed look."

Bohemian folklore promotes good vibes, connection with the earth, and multiculturalism. It represents respect for others and the environment, reclaiming the value of local and aligning body, mind and spirit. With an earthy colour palette filled with small details that give your outfits a unique handmade identity; this line motivates you to centre yourself and sync your sexiness through millenary erotic arts that will take you to an explosion of freedom with Mapale.

With Mapale's 2000's nostalgia range you'll be party ready sporting this line's styles. Completely moving and nostalgic but still as fun as it was 20 years ago, the 90's and 00's are back so get ready to travel back in time. Taking the hottest outfits from these decades and transforming them around with a Mapale sexy twist.

"Washed out denim, bandannas, colorful elastic bands and statement prints are part of this vintage inspiration trend ideal for the festival season."

Minimalism at it's purest state, clean lines that trace her hips flowing down her body's silhouette; playing like a steady cadence with a tonality to a curvy harmonic body. Breaking the normal patterns while creating breaking points that are distinctly displayed in the waist line or under the bust.

"One way or another; always sexy, always exposed, always reinventing herself... that's the Mapale woman."

For her, simple and basic are not synonymous with boring. On the contrary, she shows it off by sporting daring styles with the key element being a lightweight, soft microfiber that acts almost like a second skin.

"Black is the leading threat of this rebel youthful story with eager impulse to take on the world."

Mapale's sensuality meets rock and roll, creating iconic pieces where embroidered starts and mesh are the headliners, accompanied with silver glitter accents on the printed techniques. Music sets the tone as the Mapale woman becomes the muse that inspired all the rock classics that is vintage with a side of irreverent but above all, sexy and provocative.

"There's no need for words when it comes to this line which is basically Mapale's essence and DNA."

Eroticism, sensuality, lace, sheerness, strappy designs and peek a boo; seduction to the max with Mapale is nothing less than just expertise styling.

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